Ministry Teams

Worship Ministry Team

The Worship Ministry Team is the planning and executing body of all worship services at First Congregational Church. In collaboration with our pastor and our music ministry team, we plan out worship services for year-round services and special events. We assist the pastor with communion, baptisms, new member services, weddings and funerals. We also coordinate with other community faith leaders in Ecumenical and Interfaith services held at the church.

Social Action Ministry (SAM) Team

This is our most active ministry team at First Congregational Church. This team reaches out to the wider Winona community with physical, emotional and spiritual uplifting support. Also we raise awareness of social justice issues, such as

  1. Climate Change
  2. Racism
  3. LGBTQ+
  4. Violence against women and bullying in general, and
  5. Food insecurity and homelessness.